The company

We solve different industrial aspects in the following fields:

  • cosmetics
  • food industry
  • pharmacy
  • fabric/textile
  • electronics industry
  • biotechnology and life science

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How do we work ?

If you have any problem in your production process, we look for the solution. You will be amazed by the power of the optical technology and its ability to provides new sensing ability to correctly follow any step research and production. Don’t hesitate to contact us and explain your problem, in full confidence. We will look for solutions. Or have a look on our technology and prototypes. You will have an idea of what we can offer. We accept on-demand projects, at any budget. There are no small or big projects: we compromise ourselves to analyze all projects and tell you honestly if we can help you.


Adaptability: if you can’t find a product that fulfill your needs, we can develop one completely adapted to your problem, adapting our technology. Please ask an offer and we will provide a solution.


If you are developing a product in the following fields :

  • Cosmetics
  • Food industry
  • Pharmacy
  • Fabric/textile
  • Electronics
  • Biotechnology

We can provide you useful tools to help your product development and production.

Research: we can collaborate in your research activity, giving to your team a high level knowledge in physics, optics and light matter interaction. We guaranty trusting relationship, seriousness and discretion, according to the data protection law of European legislation.

Mission: we are passionate about light. Light feeds the vision: the “number one” sense that connects us to the world around. A lot of information is carried by light: intensity, space variation (photos…), time variation (communication with light), color and spectral information (spectroscopy, color sensation), polarization (no so well known), phase of the light wave.

Light has infinite number of possibilities for studying material, liquid, gas, surfaces analysis. And when coherent light (perfect sine wave or close to) is used, another world of possibilities is available with interferometry, holography, speckle techniques,… Light has been the key for many revolutions in physics: the connection between light and electricity with Maxwell, the study of light speed with interferometers pushed physics to come to relativity of Einstein, the problem of the black body light emission spectrum (the ultraviolet catastrophe) made Plank to think light in quanta point of view. At this time or a little before, impressionists battled to understand again what is the light and there are still a reference of todays painters and thinkers. Is that enough ? No. Then followed the technology. Lasers, a result of the quantum view of light and of fundamental experiment using microwaves are everywhere and at all prices: communication, data storage, holography, analysis, metrology, CNC machining, energy, medicine, … New light sources come out every day with LEDs, LEDs array, laser diodes arrays etc… And light sensing never stops to evolves since the photodiode with the everyday improving imaging arrays, CCDs, CMOS produced in millions of units. Chemical industry uses extensively light for spectroscopic analysis, laser granulometry for example. Light is versatile, ubiquitous, has no weight, very precise and is easy to produce. Between source and detection new micro mechanical devices doing light control devices like SLM (Spatial Light Modulators), arrays of small mirrors for reflexion or LCD arrays for transmission are appearing at reasonable cost. This will lead us soon to “total light control”: computational control of the phase of the Light wave and its intensity at every point of space!